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Investigation and/or surveillance has two (2) methods of pricing, which our clients utilize.  The most common arrangement is considered "Flat Rate".  This includes all the usual and normal cost associated with conducting the survillance in one comprehensive rate.   Such costs included in the rate are travel, time, mileage, and lodging (if required).   This aThe second arrangement is our "hourly rate".  This rate generally is used for assignments other than surveillance, where the assignment may only take a few hours.

Flat Rate Pricing
Daily flat rate (one investigator, 8 to 10 on site) $640.00
Half day flat rate (one investigator 4 hours on site) $260.00
Two person flat rate (2 investigators, 8 to 10 hours on site) $1100.00
Two person half day rate ( 2 investigators, 4 hours on site) $500.00
Hourly Pricing
One investigator (one site or investigation time) $65.00 per hour
One investigator (travel time, when necessary) $50.00 per hour
Two investigators (one site or investigation time) $120.00 per hour
Mileage $0.60 per mile
Lodging Actual cost
Court appearance (minimum 2 hours) $65.00 per hour
Additional charges may apply for the following:
Full data search, including criminal, civil, past addresses $45.00
Simple location through data search $20.00
Drivers license or vehicle information $20.00
Drivers license photo $25.00
Extra copy of video tape, CD or DVD $25.00
Over night shipping Actual cost
Public records (Actual cost plus investigation time) Actual cost
Service of legal documents and Subpoenas:
Local area (Jefferson, Orleans, St. Bernard, St. Charles, St. John Parishes) $150.00
If this is a difficult service (Person trying to avoid service) $200.00
Any Service beyond 50 miles of Jefferson Parish $200.00
Any service beyond 100 miles of Jefferson Parish, price will be nonghosted based on distance and type of service

** Additional rates per hour wil be charged if the investigator is required to contain surveillance past the onsite maximum time of a daily flat rate.   On all cases, prior authorization is made with the client for any surveillance that continues past the limit.


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