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We hope that after you have had the opportunity to meet our team and review our services, you will find that our company has the necessary experience and qualification to provide all the necessary investigative and surveillance services you may require in operating your company.
Investigation and Surveillance Services
Criminal & Civil History
    Credit Reports
HLM & Associates brings together more than 100 years of law enforcement, private investigations, insurance investigations, and security investigations experience. Our experience includes but is not limited to auto and commercial liability, workers compensation, and product liability. We also have extensive experience in the criminal defense area with numerous trials in capital cases. We also provide an extensive network of locating people in the post Katrina world where so many people are displaced. All of our professionals are fully insured and licensed through the Louisiana State Board of Private Investigators.
  Social Security Search
Sex Offense & Child Abuse Scan
Reference Verification
Drug & Alcohol Testing
Motor Vehicle Reports
Worker's Comp Claims
    Education Verification
We can provide our Certification of Insurance and Federal Tax ID number upon request. Please do not hesitate to call for any consultation regarding any of the above listed information or questions you may have. We look forward to assisting you with all of your investigative needs.
  Previous Employement
Profesional License Verification
OIG HHS Exclusions Check
    Patriot Act Screening
HLM & Associates, LLC Field Interview Request Manager
    Field Interview Request Manager
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